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Welcome Fellow Riders!

The Crack O' Dawn (COD) Riders invite you to join us on our daily rides.

We leave every week day at 5:45am, and at other times on weekends. We obey two simple rules. First, "Be there [on time] or ride alone" and, second, always wear a helmet. Safety of the group is paramount. Rides start promptly at 5:45am. There is always a ride, weather permitting. It may be anywhere from 2 - 60+ riders of varying abilities. Everyone is welcome! These are fitness rides, so the pace is often brisk. Typically, they are "no drop" rides, and we have designated places to regroup.

There are several "standard" rides each week day and on weekends.

If you want to be sure what is happening on Saturday or Sunday, join our email list. There are often multiple other rides posted.

To join our email list, find crackodawn on Google Groups, then click on Join Group. You must mention the name of at least one COD rider who knows you. It is a closed email list so it gets no spam, but there are often frequent emails about equipment/maintenance, etiquette, for sale bike equipment, safety and road conditions, promotion of cycling, among other related topics. If you do not mention one rider in your email request, you can not join the list. If you do not know anyone in the group, come out on a ride and meet us.

"All humans realize they are loved when witnessing the dawn: early morning is the triumph of good over evil. Absolved by light we decide to go on."
-Rufus Wainwright