Columbus Day October 13, 2003 Newton to Fruitlands

View of Wachusett

Mt. Wachusett seen from Fruitlands in Harvard


Michael, Barry, Neil, Marty, and Bruce

Marlborough woods

Marty, Neil, Michael

Muffin Stop in Harvard

Barry and Linda

70 degrees November 1, 2003 Newton to Harvard

NCH start

Barry, Rich, Bruce, Marty, Mel, Tony, Michael, Coleman, Neil, Mark at Newton City Hall


Rakesh in his winter wear on an unusually warm day


Barry, Bruce, Michael, Rakesh, Dave, Neil, Dave, Thaniel, Rich at the green in Harvard

red tree

Neil's Red Maple

November 3, 2003 Newton to Concord and Carlisle


Tony Zelle


Andy, Linda, and Barry

4 corners

Larry, Neil, Ray, Tony

Charles River

Our Tuesday,Thursday rides go past the Charles River several times

Fitness ride start in Nahanton Park

The COD contingent becomes a large part of the CRW Saturday Fitness Ride that starts in Nahanton Park


These riders are all on their fixers on November 22

Neil Leifer

Neil Leifer

xray (67K)

Our photographer after his crash on December 5 when it was 14 degrees. Thankfully nothing was broken.