April 13, 2003 at Dartmouth & Fuller

April 13, 2003 at our usual Sunday start on Dartmouth St. between Barry and Dick's house.

Rich, Bruce K., ?, Tony, Barry, Linda, Elizabeth, Neil, Mark, Marty, Bruce C., Ray, Dick, Michael, Jonathan, ?

Hopkinton April 21, 2003 Patriot's Day

At the Hopkinton start for the Marathon on Patriot's Day April 21, 2003

Rich, Neil, Bruce K., Linda, Barry, Michael, Marty, Mel, Bruce C., Larry, Jimmy, Steve, Tony, Ray

City Hall May 31, 2003

May 31, 2003 7 AM in front of City Hall

Linda, Rakesh, Ellie, Bruce C., Barry N., Dave, Michael, Mel

May 31, 2003 in Harvard

9:00 AM in Harvard May 31

Dave, Rick Wilson, Ellie, Andy, Bruce K., Michael, Neil, Bruce C.

June 14 trip to Kancamagus
Kancamagus (70K)

Mel, Neil, Michael, Jonathan

Kancamagus0 (86K)

Jonathan, Michael, Bruce, Mel

Kancamagus2 (90K)

Jonathan, Mel, Bruce, Neil

Kancamagus3 (67K)

Mel, Neil, Michael