June 25, 2003 Plymouth to Provincetown

Plymouthstart (408K)

Mel S., Mel P., Cliff, John, Bruce, Andy, Linda, Michael, Mark, Tony, Rakesh

PlymouthStart1 (248K)

Receiving instructions from our fearless leader

PlymouthStart2 (295K)

Are we ready?

Bruce and Mel Plymouth (252K)

Bruce, Peter, Mel

brucenaked (161K)

Provincetown regulations dicate we change outside

shower (280K)

The shower is not as warm as the one the PMC provides in August

Mel and MichaelK (287K)

Mel and Michael enjoying their beer in the ferry parking lot

Dave and Bruce (225K)

Dave and Bruce give thumbs up to the special shower available at the Ptown finish

CODonFerry0 (309K)

Cliff, Bruce, Dave, Linda, Rakesh, Barry, Mel S., Mel P., Tony, Mark waiting to board the ferry back to Plymouth

leavingPtown2003 (225K)

Some bikers on a ferry leaving Provincetown for Plymouth

michaelsleeping (150K)

Michael Katin asleep

chainlink (1K)

CODJune27 (152K)

Bob, Michael, Dave, Craig, Ellie, John, Gary, Dave, Tony, Andy, Steve, Ayaz, Gary, Glenn in Weston on June 27

July 4a

July 4 start at Newton City Hall where Bruce Mapquest Kalow is giving directions for the ride.


Ted, Bruce, Mel, Steve


A Sad Bruce Cohen


Mel and Bruce in Acton


Mel and Rakesh in the same coffee shop in Acton


2 Weeks before the PMC on Baker Bridge Rd. in Lincoln


At the JCC start on July 22


Bruce, Michael, Dick, Mel in the Berskshires July 12


Dick, Michael, Bruce, David Osler, Mel in the Berskshires July 12

Mark Dorfman

Mark Dorfman in the PMC