COD goes to the Natick Hospital on the first day of Winter December 21, 2003

elevator (2073K)

In the elevator on our way up to the fifth floor

Katin-Stoler (633K)

Michael and Mel wait in the hallway

Kalow-Siegel (581K)

Bruce and Steve wait in the hallway

Linda-Barry (520K)

Linda and Barry cuddle in the hallway

Bruce-Rakesh (511K)

Bruce and Rakesh cuddle in the hallway

Hospital-room (267K)

The wait is over and the nurse lets the COD crowd into Tony's room

Tony (404K)

Tony finds the COD riders amusing

Annual COD Holiday Party
party1 (106K)

Rakesh's sister, Michael, Renu, Eileen, Rakesh, Neenjah, Barry, Bruce K., Linda, Joan, Elizabeth, Bruce C., Mel, Paul

party2 (66K)

Eileen and Joan

party3 (77K)

Rakesh, his sister, Elizabeth, Paul

party4 (88K)

Michael, Bruce C., Mel, Rakesh's sister

party5 (181K)

Renu, Linda, Barry