Greylock 1

Greylock climb Oct 2

Greylock 2

Smiling before the climb

Greylock summit

Still smiling at the summit

fruitlands Oct 9

David, Michael, John, and Rakesh at Fruitlands on October 9 for the foliage experience

Heard Pond

In front of Heard Pond in Sudbury

Rakesh and Bruce

Rakesh and Bruce are depressed


Neil enjoys his muffin at Nashoba Brook


Marty's Blue Sky

Newton Starbucks

At Starbucks in Newton before the CRW fitness ride

CRW fitness

Nov 11 CRW fitness ride start in Nahanton Park


Mel holds the wall up

Jesse and Tony

Jesse and Tony

Nov 11

Nov 11 in Concord


Nov 11 at the Crack of Dawn. Click here to see who is in this picture.