Harvard town green

Michael, Thaniel, Dick, Bruce, and David on April 10 at Harvard town green

Starbuck start

Sunday April 11 start at Waban Starbucks - Bruce, Rakesh, Ray, Tony, Michael, Dana, Tony, Neil

Walden Pond hill

Michael and Neil at hill behind Walden Pond

daveneil (183K)

Dave and Neil escape the cold weather in Arizona

mtcamp13 (70K)

Eliabeth, Bruce, and Theresa at the camp in Arizona

City Hall start on Marathon Day

A late start for Marathon 2004. 7 AM at City Hall

Hopkinton 2004

Arrival at Hopkinton start. 8:15 AM, April 19, 2004

Elite Women

Elfenesh Alemu and Catherine Ndereba running by the COD start in the afternoon

Arizona reunion

Bruce and Elizabeth organize a reunion of the Arizona trip at Nashoba Bakery

power nap

Michael takes a power nap

3 Pediatricians

3 Pediatricians on May 15

Tony T.

Tony T. and Patrick

long lost riders

Derwin and Chuck Cooper

Neil L

Neil Leifer in Harvard

Neil on June 11

Neil celebrating his son's acceptance at John Hopkins

Friday start

Coleman, John, Tony, Bob

June 12 in Bolton

Mt. Wachusett riders in Bolton June 12

Sunday Starbuck's start

Michael K., Michael C., Michael O. in front of Starbucks on June 13


Andy Nierenberg and Michael Ostacher in front of Nashoba Brook Bakery on June 13

See their article in VeloNews on 'A cyclist's guide to depression.'

Mike M

Barry Siegel, Mike Macdonald, and Jane Sender enjoying their pastry at the Clever Monk on June 16