Dick on Highland

Dick is the first to experience the new pavement on Highland St. in Weston


The Nelsons moments before getting to the Clever Monk for the chocolate cappucino muffins

Friday morning on 126

The A group waits on Rte. 126 in Lincoln on June 25

Neil Leifer 06/27/2004

Neil Leifer

Steve Siegel 06/27/2004

Steve Siegel

Sunday in Harvard

A brief rest on a Sunday June 27

Trio on June 27

Dick, Bruce, and Rakesh

start on July 3

A late start at Newton City Hall on July 3

another trio on July 4

Marty, Rakesh, and Dick on July 4

Bruce Kalow

Bruce, the unofficial COD photographer


Whose Tatoo?

July 5

July 5 in Harvard

July 11

Nashoba Brook Bakery stop on July 11

Rte. 126 stop for everyone

The official stopping point on Route 126 to allow everyone to rejoin the peolton

July 17

In Carlisle on July 17


Dick, Bruce, Mark, Rick

annual summer photo

Annual summer photo for the large group on Baker Bridge Road

Bruce at Wachusett top

Bruce at the summit of Mt. Wachusett

stop in Bolton August 1, 2004

First stop in Bolton before ascending Mt. Wachusett

Mt . Wachusett

Bruce, Cliff, Rakesh, Dana, and Ray at the summit of Mt. Wachusett

Wachusett view

View from Mt. Wachusett

Harvard again

Harvard August 28

Michael Katin

Michael Katin with his new fixer

Barry's boat

Barry Siegel built this boat

COD greets Susan and Patti

A small COD contingent greets Susan Retik and Patti Quigley at the RI border on Sep 11